2022 Beekeeping School

Each year we offer a beginning beekeeping school which is usually held in January or February.  The school runs two full Saturdays.  During these classes, you will learn the basics and much more!

Our 2022 class was held on Saturday, January 29th and Saturday, February 5th. If you would like to receive information about the 2023 class, please email us to be added to the contact list or follow our facebook page for upcoming events.   

Resources from the 2022 class:

A Brief History of Beekeeping

Alternative Hive Styles

Getting Started & Equipment

Honey Bee Biology & Behavior

Introduction to Bees & Beekeeping

Inspections & Feeding

Backyard Beekeeping

Products of the Hive

Southern Piedmont Honey Bee Forage

2022 Beginning Beekeeping Class


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